Anti - Solder Products

We carry a variety of anti-solder products.  Solder build up is a continuing problem in the diecast industry.  Our products can help with the problem and even prevent it!  Call for a free sample of any of these products!




Anti Solder Wax #7 - This product is a paste and can be applied with a bronze brush or wooden spatula.  It does not contain graphite and will not stain your castings.

sold per quart


Anti Solder Wax #6- This is a paste product and does contain graphite, so some staining may occur.

sold per quart


Anti Solder Wax #6XP - This wax is the same as the #6, except it is a thicker mixture, it does contain graphite.

sold per quart

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Anti- Solder Semi-solids are a very popular way to control solder build-up.  They are easier to use, less messy and are cheaper to ship!  Simply rub the stick onto any part of the die and repeat as needed.


Graphite Anti Solder Sticks - this product may stain castings because of the use of graphite.  It is a blend of high-temp oils and graphite.

$2.00 each 2 ounce stick

$12.00 per lb


White Anti Solder Stick - does not contain graphite. a mixture if high temp oils & wax.

$ 2.00 each 2 ounce stick

$12.00 per lb




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